The Phlebotomy program accepts students on a rolling basis. There are 5 session starts per year. There are two sessions each in fall and spring with starts in August, October, January or March and one session in the summer which starts in June. In fall and spring sessions, multiple course sections may be offered within a session. This means there is a variation in the number of program slots available per session for new students to start the program. You may apply to the program at any time. Applications are accepted until the program is full. When all course sections within one session are full, students will be asked to start their program in the next available session.

However, you must register for courses in the correct order. Please use the student planner on the LSC Phlebotomy website and see an advisor for help to ensure correct registration. Students will not be considered for admission until they have applied to LSC.

The Phlebotomy program application is closed.